We chatted with Portugal Têxtil, where the recent launch of the LAGOFRA brand was a highlight, which now has its first capsule collection available in both online and offline sales channels.


In the last edition of Intertex Portugal, an International Exhibition of Textile Industry, which took place at Europarque between May 31 and June 2, 2023, we gave an interview to Portugal Têxtil and emphasised that our group's new brand is "deeply industrial. One of the points we are communicating is that we have a brand because we have a factory".

About our team, we explained to the textile and clothing industry portal that "inside the factory, we have all the required staff: good designers, good sales department, good seamstresses, good logistics, good managers, so I hope, and, therefore, we have all the skills to have a very capable brand".

We also bring to light that at LAGOFRA, "we don't produce many garments, we produce garments with value. Our industrial customers are customers who have a good position, they trust us, we have been with some of them for many years, and we will continue to".


Industrial know-how makes the difference

To conclude, we mentioned that "the great advantage of having brands when having a factory is that we understand more quickly what is happening in the fashion world, and we are always able to be at the forefront of new developments in terms of policies that appear on social or environmental issues".

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