LAGOFRA is a Portuguese brand. We design, manufacture, and market our garments.

Our journey spans three generations, honouring our traditions, respecting our present, and committing to our collective future.

Our team is made up of designers from the best art and design colleges and schools in Porto, skilled seamstresses, and a sales force that loves them all.

But let’s start from the beginning...

In 1934, downtown in Porto, our grandfather decided to study tailoring. After that training, our grandfather established his own tailor shop and ran it all his life. At the front of the tailor shop was the clothing store, led by our grandmother. So, the business went on, and all their children passed through. Some learned to be proficient tailors at a young age.

Several years later, our father decided to start his own company, not a tailor shop but a clothing manufacturer. It was the year 1980. Our father also managed his business until his retirement.

Indeed, when LAGOFRA was established, we, the third generation, welcomed all our father's workers. It was in 2011, and we are proud to work with some people who have been in our family business for over 40 years.

We decided to establish the new company, LAGOFRA, as we believed it was important to start exporting and develop our own collections. We kept the talented production team and started to hire people for the new challenges.

In these 13 years, we have exported almost all our production, from the United States to Japan, from Norway to South Africa. It’s our way of keeping the Portuguese traveller’s soul alive. It’s our way of being Portuguese committed to the world.

We appreciate being part of a small universe of brands that run their own factories. We love having people working with us for a long time. Enjoying working with us. Partying together and travelling together, going to a music gig or a bike ride. Also, we are always providing more training and comfort for their lives.

With our suppliers, the goal is the same: long relationships. We prefer local suppliers who are committed the way we are, skilled professionals, loyal partners… and, by the way, good for partying!

In our brand, from the moment we start creating a product, we always have tradition and contemporaneity in mind, and we remain faithful to creating timeless products that last beyond seasons.

We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, ethically produced garments. Our values of quality, sustainability, and craftsmanship are consistently demonstrated in our collections, which are always comprised of different styles suitable for both women and men. We are prepared to continue producing mini capsules throughout the year, with small quantities per style that can be used indefinitely.

We look at the design as something distinct: knowing to combine it with functionality and longevity is the key to creating unique items that respect the four pillars of sustainability – environmental, economic, social, and cultural – and which are an alternative to the fast fashion market.

Briefly, we really intend to keep our business worldwide while maintaining a strong local commitment.

We have our flagship store in the Art District in Porto. We call it DAILY DAY BY LAGOFRA. Every day, amazing customers come to enjoy our items. They are both local and international customers from all over the world. They are the customers we love to serve!

We aim to produce the clothes you desire. We aim to produce clothes that fit your thoughts.