The world we live in can be crazy! Every day, we read and see news from all over that can put us down, and let’s be real: our daily lives can also be challenging. In the middle of all the madness, it’s obvious that we want to have some joy, even if it's in the little things, like sharing a laugh with our loved ones, going for a walk in our favourite spot, or just wearing an outfit that makes us feel awesome! This last one is the so-called dopamine dressing.


What is dopamine dressing   

Haven't you heard this expression yet? In short, it’s dressing for joy.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter made in our brain. Often called the “feel-good” hormone, it’s released when we’re doing something satisfying and gives us a sense of pleasure. So, dopamine dressing consists of wearing garments that boost our mood and bring us joy.

Many times, when people talk about dopamine dressing, they create the idea that this is only caused by vibrant colours or cheerful patterns, but this isn’t necessarily true. The thinking behind dopamine dressing is that wearing garments we love will boost our mood, no matter the colours, styles, or textures. After all, we’re all different, right? And all these elements can have different psychological associations with each of us. 


How to dopamine dressing

First rule: don’t fall into the trap of compulsive consumption. Material goods cannot truly satisfy our emotional needs. Yes, we can release dopamine when buying… after all, with each new item comes a new experience, but this feeling is momentary.

Through fashion, we can express our emotions. The garments we wear reflect our identity and creativity. But the key is not to buy, it's to wear garments that make us feel good. Colours, styles, and textures can be linked to memories, creating a connection between our outfits and our state of mind, so we need to find out what makes us feel happy.


Need some tips to choose feel-good outfits? Here we go… 

  1. Write down how your garments make you feel: Many of us have a crowded wardrobe, full of garments we don’t truly love. So, maybe it’s time for a wardrobe audit (check out the article about capsule wardrobes). Take the chance to think and write how you feel while wearing a particular outfit. Does that shirt make you feel powerful? On the flip side, do those pants make you feel uncomfortable? Write it down. When reviewing your notes, you’ll more easily spot which garments bring you pleasure.

  2. Choose colours that excite you, not the rest of the world: No, you don't have to just wear bright colours to dopamine dressing. If you hate yellow, it’s obvious that you won’t feel comfortable wearing it, despite the enduring association of happiness with that colour. It’s possible to dopamine dressing when wearing an all-black outfit. Remember: the secret is to wear what makes you feel wonderful! Your memories, family traditions, and personal beliefs can influence how you perceive colours, that’s why we’re all different, and what feels good to one person won’t necessarily feel the same for another. But if you’re struggling to know what a certain colour makes you feel, you can look to the psychology of colour, which is somewhat universall.

  3. Feel the textures of your garments: The textures you sense on your skin can make you feel a particular way. Soft fabrics can put you in a cosy mood, while strong fabrics can make you feel powerful and sophisticated. But, again, this isn’t a universal rule. Wear garments made from different raw materials and pay attention to how you feel in them. And don’t forget that the most important thing is to feel comfortable.

  4. Remember that accessories and underwear can also highlight your personality: That’s right. You can look at these items as simple ones, but you shouldn’t underestimate the power of a particular accessory or fabulous underwear. A necklace, watch, or undergarment can make you feel empowered. 

  5. Play dress-up: If you want to try being bolder but feel shy about it, start by making experiences at home and then with friends or family who make you feel comfortable around them. Just don’t pressure yourself, and keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way to practice dopamine dressing. Just wear what makes you happy, and don’t worry about the rest: that’s the right fashion choice.